Monday, July 4, 2011

Special July 4th Blog Post

Here are some links to check out that I think are awesome and relevant to us today.

Check out this Colorlines piece on what to do for the 4th of July: How to Celebrate the Fourth of July

Then watch a few music videos about different issues:

Dear Mr President by Pink-while not directed at President Obama (written about former President Bush) I think some of this is still very relevant

When The Revolution Comes by The Last Poets-found on the album Black Power:Music From the Revolution, Black Power song about the revolution when the revolution which is for more than Blacks and African Americans but Latinos, Natives, and more

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised by Gil Scott-Heron-the coming revolution will not be on TV it will be live, and the revolution will be you in the driver's seat!!!

Why?-Jadakiss-Raps asking many hard hitting questions, where is the AIDS cure? Why brothers can't get degrees in jail? And more. I love the video footage at the end espcially showing many faces getting active in the fight.

Latinoamérica por Calle 13-For spanish speakers and English readers Calle trece raps about the people, work and land of Latin America and how we will not be bought and sold anymore. Translated lyrics by my friend Ana Luisa! One of my fave songs!

Last but certainly not least a song whose very title inspiring protest and the fight that song is Fight the Power by Public Enemy. Speaks for itself and again is not just for Blacks but all people of color and they are featured in this video as well. 

These were all previously shared separately on Twitter but in the event you don't follow me (@CarlosMCamacho) I have included them here. By virtue of being in America and being citizens we ahave the right to redress our grievance with the government and the right to free speech and freedom of the press. This blog is my press as is my twitter account and they are the platforms with which I share my voice. Working together, joining our voice in a multinational, multilingual, rainbow of colors and stories, we can change this country and the world. Have a blessed day and find your way to fight the power!

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