Friday, July 8, 2011

Real Men...Take Care of Their Bodies

I was out of town for a job interview and could not bring my laptop on the road so I owe you all for 4 days.

Since the death of my grandmothers I have been trying to get healthy especially since my grandma Olga passed because she had stomach cancer (and liver cancer) and we have a history of GI cancer...this inspired me because I have had some minor stomach issues and I'm only 22 and I carry some extra fat on my gut. Real men take care of themselves. [I must state here that real men are works in progress...if we stagnate we should find something else to work on. Also I am not perfect at any of these but I'm trying.]

What does it mean to take care? For some men it means exercising to lose the fat, increase the muscle, tone up, improve the heart but most importantly prevent disease (heart disease, diabetes, etc). For others it means eating healthy, maybe a vegetarian diet, vegan even...for others it means getting manis and pedis to keep out hands comfortable and looking good. My thought is there are very few things women do take care of themselves that we can't. You don't have to be gay to use conditioner...seriously it's 2011. Loved this HuffPost Piece...I condition...and I try to keep my brows in check...I got a mani with my cousin too and I'm not afraid to blog it!

Pick a small goal to start with...I started drinking soda at work and raid the vending goal is to stop drinking soda again and drink more water...especially in the summer heat. But regardless to be a real man you take care of your body in whatever ways you can!
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