Saturday, July 2, 2011

Real Men...Series

Inspired by @MattCutts at his @tedtalks I'm going to blog for 30 days. I had a realization this morning that tweeting was too simple and that I needed something passionate to blog about. While I'm doing this I will also be personal real world stuff what's relevant here is my blogging. Beyond Ted Talks I'm entitling this Real Men in part inspired by the Twitter controversy between @VillageVoice and Ashton Kutcher. This is me making for yesterday...real post for today coming soon.

Men and masculinity issues are something a lot of men deal with at some point. I had to redefine what I thought it was to be a man when I came out of the closet. I realized I could still be a man and like men and being Boricua and Latino, masculinity issues are different so as a gay man of color I will be discussing my thoughts on what real men do and do not do.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment!

Brightest Blessings

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Lady Elaine Fairchilde said...

I hope you post more, I was thinking about Masculinity today, In my heart I know what it means to be a Man but sadly I can't put it into wordy my your up coming blogs will shed light!!!!