Monday, July 4, 2011

Real Men...Keep Their Hands to Themselves

Last night I had a horrible dream in which there was a lot of violence and it inspired today's post. Men we have given ourselves the idea that we are the masters of the universe and that what we say goes and that our bodies should control the bodies of others if our words fail us or we fail to use words.

Whether a friend, significant other, lover, parent/guardian, sister, brother, child, violence is NEVER okay. Real men do NOT hurt others. (Sometimes self defense is required but this is not the case in domestic violence, assault, etc when one person is being an aggressor towards another). No one has the right to abuse another person. Like the saying goes that is being spread on college campuses "these hand don't hurt"! Men we are not all violent but we must all work to conquer violence in our communities and stop people from being hurt. We also must ensure that our young ones especially our young boys do not get the same message but a different one. One that says that we can be strong and defend our loved ones without violence. While some of our loved ones may not need protection it is everyone's job to protect their family the best way they can. One way is education. We must educate our children on conflict resolution.

Tying into my first post on rape, men we need to stop. A woman does not deserve to be punched, kicked or assaulted in any way. While not all violence against women is physical it is a huge problem. It is not limited to a racial/ethnic group/social class. Everyone can be affected by violence. From hate crimes against marginalized groups to violence in the home against a children and partners/family, to street violence and more. Men we must learn to use our words and settle our differences with them not with fists, knives and guns. I'm not going to blame the media for violence. I'm not going to absolve the media of responsibility. I don't hit and I pray I never do (again. As a young teen I didn't know how to keep my hands to myself). A real man has self control which seems to be lacking with men in the world today. A real man does not hurt, abuse or hit people. It's simple. It may not seem easy when one is angry but we must not get violent. If we 'lose control' when we are under the influence of legal or illegal substances then we need to remove them from our lives. It is possible to live without drugs and/or alcohol!

Again, real men do not hurt others. Learn to use your words in a positive way and keep the peace!

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