Friday, July 8, 2011

Real Men...Help Others

I'm now all caught up with my posts and I am planning a great one for tomorrow but this one like my others will be short.

I'm always helping my friends. It started in middle school through church. I went to church and was always volunteering with my family for this or that event and as I grew up I continued my service to the church. In high school I expanded out a bit and in college I was all over the place. UB gave me so many opportunities to get involved in the Buffalo, Latino and college community. I'm so grateful. I was involved through the Intercultural and Diversity Center, through LASA (the Latin American Student Association), the LGBTA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Alliance), and more. It was great. I met some great men through this service. I always saw people who gave their time and energy to others in a positive light but I think men especially need to pick up the community service cause.

It can be simple cleaning up a park (which gives others a clean place to relax), tutor (help other learns) or you can go closer to home and help your friends. You're not always going to be able to give but when you can you should. I'm working for a few hours tomorrow but I'm also helping a friend build his garage (most likely). If I have the time I'll help. I've gotten help and support from many friends that is why I know a real man helps others.

This one is simple enough to start...are you at a party? Help clean up. Someone frop their books? Help them pick them up. Walking through a door and a person is behind you? Hold it open. I'm not saying hold it for a woman but hold the door for the next person, male or female. Courtesy is not dead!

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