Saturday, July 2, 2011

Real Men...Get Consent and Do Not Rape

Part 1 of my 30 day 30 blog posts on real men and what they do and don't!

Men get consent when they have sex. Men need a Yes! from their partner whether their partner is male, female, intersex or transgendered (etc.). This is not a question or an option. No means no. Rape is a serious problem in the US and around the world. The majority of rapes are committed by men against women so men hold the key in stopping rape.

If you are making love/having sex with a partner and they want to stop. A real man stops. A real man does not pressure another person to have sex. A real man knows that a child cannot give consent to any sexual act. A real man respects everyone's right to privacy with their bodies. A real man practices safer sex. A real man does not use sex as a weapon. A real man works to pass laws that protect women and children and their bodies. A real man has discussions and conversations with women.

Let's be real men and stop rape!!!

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