Friday, July 8, 2011

Real Men...Are Only As Good As Their Word

Real men say they'll do something and they pull through. They're the ones you want in your corner. The believers, supporters, true friends...I know I sometimes need to try harder to give my word and stand by it but a real man can admit when he makes a mistake, can say sorry because it he is sincere he is giving his words power that they can lose. If he's continuously sorry then there may be a problem there.

Sometimes our word is the only thing we have and if we ruin that there may be no going back. Don't say yes, when it's no. Don't give your word or promise if you won't follow through. Sometimes mistakes happen and things come up but you make that chance very slim. This is one I'm working on and so our challenge for the week is to stand by our word. If we'll get it done tonight then get it done...night's almost over. Also ties into my next post!

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