Sunday, July 17, 2011

McNair Conference Notes


Like I have mentioned already I attend the 17th Annual McNair Scholars Research Conference in Niagara Falls hosted by my Alma Mater the University at Buffalo. As a McNair Scholar I attended and presented on my role in the research project of Dr. Lois Weis (my mentor). The McNair Scholars Program for those who do not know is a federally funded program that is SO necessary for low-income, first generation students and racial and ethnic minority students. As part of the Summer Research Program one gets a stipend to work with a professor who acts as a research mentor teaching about academic, research, and important stuff you should know as well as prepare you to go to graduate school to receive a doctorate.

Each year UB hosts a conference bringing together McNair Scholars from across the country to present on  their research. This year was especially moving and powerful for me and I will proceed to discuss it in the coming posts. I will say this: education is important, this programs reaffirms this for students, guides students, supports students and believes in students. I need this program and it helped me so I hope that the federal government and President Obama continue to support it.

I must say thank you to the federal government for funding this program, and more importantly to Dr. Susan Ott, and Heather Hagenbuch!!! You have been pillars of strength supporting me and the foundation that began as an Acker Scholar thanks to Dr. Leticia Thomas, Nicole Williams, and Danielle Johnson ABD, and was given sabor and azĂșcar by the Latin American Student Association! I could not have done it without you all and all your support!

I hope the McNair Scholars program continues to exist in more schools, supporting more students, until we are living in a different equal, equitable world!

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